Transition of Infrastructure & Downtime

Ruler Community,

Thank you for the messages of support during this time of transition; they are greatly appreciated. Over the next week, we will work to secure and transfer ownership of infrastructure, including Ruler Protocol websites and apps.

As part of this transition, all UIs will be unavailable for approximately 7-days. We understand this may cause a feeling of uncertainty for some, which is why we are providing a 48-hour advance notice for those to collect any rewards. Downtime will start 09/03/21 at 12:30 PM EST.

We want to emphasize that at this time, all funds are SAFU. Deposited xRULER will continue to earn rewards, and any rewards unclaimed prior to this downtime will be claimable upon the website/app (including CoverRules order book website). All contracts can still be interacted with via Etherscan once this downtime starts.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this process.

Thank you,

Ruler Protocol

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