The Future of Ruler Protocol

Ruler Protocol Roadmap

Lite User Interface

Layer 2 and Cross-Chain Development

New Revenue Streams

Order Books and New Rewards with Lock System

  • More capital efficiency by only requiring one-sided (rcTokens) liquidity
  • Eliminates impermanent loss
  • Limit orders will allow both lenders and borrowers to set their own price
  • More gas efficient than curve metapools

Product V2

  • Permissionless adding of collaterals and creation of pairs
  • Multi-collateral pairs
  • Longer loan terms including amortizing loans
  • Staking pool for rcTokens to earn early payments

The Long Term

  • Introduce tokenized real world assets as collateral
  • Provide mortgage products on Ruler
  • Finance purchases for consumers on online platforms that accept crypto
  • Integrate ownership of xRULER tokens with the use of Ruler products, more privileged rights like delayed payments




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Ruler Protocol

Ruler Protocol

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