The Future of Ruler Protocol

Ruler Protocol
2 min readMay 13, 2021


We are proud to share Ruler Protocol’s future roadmap. Other than continued improvements to the app and new partnerships, we have set the following milestones and will continue to adjust our roadmap accordingly with new developments in DeFi

Ruler Protocol Roadmap

Lite User Interface

We are planning to release the lite user interface this week. It will simplify the user experience compared to the current market page for borrowers and lenders. While most users will prefer the new lite UI, more advanced users can still access the current UI which is more detailed and customizable.

Layer 2 and Cross-Chain Development

We are planning the expansion of the Ruler protocol to new chains. Our first step on this journey would be deployment to Binance Smart Chain, that we have scheduled for the end of May of 2021.

We are also evaluating the possibility of expanding to Polygon. If another L2 emerges as a dominant player we will deploy there as well.

New Revenue Streams

Invest idle assets in Ruler Core contract to generate additional revenue for the protocol. We can increase protocol revenue by investing idle assets in the contract on safe platforms at the discretion of governance. This new revenue stream is subject to activation by governance and a security audit. (code is already written).

Order Books and New Rewards with Lock System

We plan to move from curve liquidity pools to order books by the end of Q2 or early Q3 of 2021 on ETH Mainnet.

Order books will solve a few problems we encountered with AMMs:

  • More capital efficiency by only requiring one-sided (rcTokens) liquidity
  • Eliminates impermanent loss
  • Limit orders will allow both lenders and borrowers to set their own price
  • More gas efficient than curve metapools

Rewards will be airdropped to liquidity providers who provide liquidity close to the market price. These rewards will be locked in a manner similar to the EPS locking mechanism.

Product V2

We are also in the process of working on the product v2 economics. The following are some of the main goals for V2.

  • Permissionless adding of collaterals and creation of pairs
  • Multi-collateral pairs
  • Longer loan terms including amortizing loans
  • Staking pool for rcTokens to earn early payments

The Long Term

The future for Ruler is bright.

  • Introduce tokenized real world assets as collateral
  • Provide mortgage products on Ruler
  • Finance purchases for consumers on online platforms that accept crypto
  • Integrate ownership of xRULER tokens with the use of Ruler products, more privileged rights like delayed payments