Structure and Personnel Changes

The Ruler Protocol team would like to announce the departure of CryptoPumpkin, Alan, and KryptoCucumber, who are all leaving due to increasing personal commitments. We are working with them to return vested tokens and contract control to DeFi_Ted and the remaining team.

Ruler Protocol began as an idea and quickly transformed into the first lending/borrowing protocol for fixed-rate, non-liquidateable, and fungible loans. Ruler Protocol continued to deliver by introducing order books for lending/borrowing on Ethereum and has numerous new developments ready for release. Although we did not expect this change, we feel confident in our ability to move forward with the Ruler Protocol and execute our vision for what the Ruler Protocol will be.

As we look ahead, the remaining team members are committed to the Ruler Protocol community and will continue to build and expand the Protocol. We will work to restructure over the next few days and provide updates to the community as we move forward.

We appreciate your continued support and we will move forward together, stronger.

Thank you,

Ruler Protocol

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