Ruler April Release

New Collaterals and Partnerships

As we continue to develop, one of our main goals is to add more collateral to be used to borrow against. Some collaterals being added are of the following categories:

  • Yield-bearing tokens — Your investment continues to earn staking rewards while being locked as collateral during your loan period.
  • NFT index funds like Punks and Mask. This allows you to access liquidity against your asset(s) without the need to sell them. We will continue to work with NFTX on adding more pairs.
  • Collateral added through partnerships — LPs can be incentivized with both $RULER and the partner’s native token. This will increase liquidity for borrowers and lenders, allow for lower interest rates, and increase LP rewards. Shoutout to our current partners incentivizing LPs — Pickle, BOR and INV!

All future collateral LP pools will be using curve metapools, which are more capital efficient! Farming rewards for April expirations will start on April 1st at 3PM PST. All lending liquidity pools are paired with stablecoins and expire on April 30th at 00:00 UTC.

All the above pairs are added with Curve pool initiated. LPs can start to seed or add liquidity to the pools.

Ruler Pairs with March Expiries

As a borrower or anyone holding rrTokens, you will need to pay back your loan before the expiry. You have less than 2 days as of now. You can find the exact time you need to repay in your local time on the dashboard.

As a lender or anyone holding rcTokens, you will be able to collect payments after the expiry. You may need to remove your liquidity first. Note: the tab will only show up after expiry.

Thank you for your support!

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