August Collateral Update

Hello, Ruler Community!

Another month is upon us, which means another set of collateral pair expirations! As we have pushed towards the order books, all collaterals pairs on the ETH network will be utilizing them. Liquidity pools will no longer be utilized on the ETH network. BSC will still be using the Nerve liquidity pools!

Listed Collaterals

Rewards for the August collaterals pairs will start on July 29th at 8 PM EST.

Delisted Collaterals

The following pairs are delisted due to various reasons. They can always be listed again when the requirements here are met.


  • INV — no incentives
  • vVSP — no incentives
  • iFARM — no incentives
  • ARMOR — no incentives
  • AMP — no incentives


  • ETH — on ETH mainnet

Note: If you are not seeing a pair on the Ruler app but also do not see it as delisted above, that means we are still in the progress of working on the conditions with the partner.

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